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This form is used to inform ZTAS of changes to details of patients registered with the ZTAS. For the safety of patients treated with Zaponex® (clozapine) and to ensure an adequate and efficient monitoring service, it is necessary that the ZTAS database be properly maintained.
We will use the information provided on this form in accordance with the terms of the ZTAS privacy notice which is available from the ZTAS website
Patient Identifiers
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  * If this is a name change or correction, or if this is a DOB correction, please include details in the Comments section
Changes to monitoring situation (tick all that apply and complete details of the changes)
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  Please keep in mind that follow-up blood monitoring is required as part of the discontinuation procedure.
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  Restart date MUST be provided in order to register a Treatment Break in ZTAS.
New or changed Consultant and/or Location details (tick all that apply and complete details of the changes)
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